“You too have made terrible drunk decisions”–Philly Posts Preview

Hi everyone!  I know it’s been a very, very, very long time.  Because I’m still a bit rusty as far as writing goes, here’s a quick treat/preview of what’s to come.  I found a particularly awful exchange on the Philadelphia page, and I thought you all would love to see the “colorful” responses of the rest of the craigslist community (it’s so nice when other people do my job for me).  Sit back, enjoy, and expect a full critique post to come later this week.


To the girl who got plowed in the Barbary men’s room last night – m4w (The Barbary)

Even at a party dedicated to Morrissey, walking in on you getting railed by that dork in the first floor men’s room stall was the most depressing part of the entire night. If your tests come back clean, hit me up. I’d like to bang you back to respectability. 


Re: To the girl who got plowed in the Barbary men’s room last night – w4m (The Barbary)

To the punk who made a mockery of my best friend,
Firstly, you too have made terrible drunk decisions. And you too know they are best handled without having to relive them or be put to shame.
Secondly, in an effort to reeducate you misguided patriarchal buffoons I ask you to please reconsider your words. There is no talk about respectability without considering your fellow male brethren. At what point does drunk horny little boys dragging innocent and equally drunk females into crusty bathrooms get deemed un-respectable? I’ll bet you high-fived his ego on his way out before you brainstormed a clever missed connection for that despicable lowly girl who surely invited HIM into the men’s bathroom. The connection that’s missing here is what you thought you were gaining by posting your advertisement, and why it couldn’t be directed to the idiot whose abundant testosterone initiated the act. It’s a fucked and hurtful world we live in, thanks for your contributions. 


Re: The Barbary – w4mw

I don’t know what anyone is talking about, sex is awesome! Posting about it was pretty shitty, though.

In the bathroom? At The Barbary? That’s punk as fuck!

Fuck all these haters, you guys rule. 


re:Barbary – m4mw

Drunk or not, bathroom or not- well done all around. Assuming it was completely consensual I think it’s f’ing stellar that two people were moved enough to go to town on each other. Very SLC, very Anais Nin, very very fitting of the Barbary. The hell with the tool who posted originally. Bastard was just jealous that no one likes him enough to do him in a bed, never mind anywhere more righteous. Guy probably thinks reverse cowboy is kinky. 


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