“You too have made terrible drunk decisions”–Philly Posts Preview

Hi everyone!  I know it’s been a very, very, very long time.  Because I’m still a bit rusty as far as writing goes, here’s a quick treat/preview of what’s to come.  I found a particularly awful exchange on the Philadelphia page, and I thought you all would love to see the “colorful” responses of the rest of the craigslist community (it’s so nice when other people do my job for me).  Sit back, enjoy, and expect a full critique post to come later this week.


To the girl who got plowed in the Barbary men’s room last night – m4w (The Barbary)

Even at a party dedicated to Morrissey, walking in on you getting railed by that dork in the first floor men’s room stall was the most depressing part of the entire night. If your tests come back clean, hit me up. I’d like to bang you back to respectability. 


Re: To the girl who got plowed in the Barbary men’s room last night – w4m (The Barbary)

To the punk who made a mockery of my best friend,
Firstly, you too have made terrible drunk decisions. And you too know they are best handled without having to relive them or be put to shame.
Secondly, in an effort to reeducate you misguided patriarchal buffoons I ask you to please reconsider your words. There is no talk about respectability without considering your fellow male brethren. At what point does drunk horny little boys dragging innocent and equally drunk females into crusty bathrooms get deemed un-respectable? I’ll bet you high-fived his ego on his way out before you brainstormed a clever missed connection for that despicable lowly girl who surely invited HIM into the men’s bathroom. The connection that’s missing here is what you thought you were gaining by posting your advertisement, and why it couldn’t be directed to the idiot whose abundant testosterone initiated the act. It’s a fucked and hurtful world we live in, thanks for your contributions. 


Re: The Barbary – w4mw

I don’t know what anyone is talking about, sex is awesome! Posting about it was pretty shitty, though.

In the bathroom? At The Barbary? That’s punk as fuck!

Fuck all these haters, you guys rule. 


re:Barbary – m4mw

Drunk or not, bathroom or not- well done all around. Assuming it was completely consensual I think it’s f’ing stellar that two people were moved enough to go to town on each other. Very SLC, very Anais Nin, very very fitting of the Barbary. The hell with the tool who posted originally. Bastard was just jealous that no one likes him enough to do him in a bed, never mind anywhere more righteous. Guy probably thinks reverse cowboy is kinky. 


“Maybe you thought the dogs were sexy”–Lazy Sunday Post

Dog Walking Stare Down – w4m – 22 (American and Thompson)

Yesterday evening I was walking dogs. You and a lady friend were riding the wrong way on Thompson. 

Anyway, I didn’t have my glasses on. And it was sort of dusky out. Maybe you were my ex (you looked similar, from what I could tell) and were glaring at me/shooting daggers at me/wishing I was dead. But your bike wasn’t his bike and I probably would have gotten a fucked up text/email at this point.

You looked at me for a long time. I had time to make initial eye contact, feel awkward, look down at the dogs, and apprehensively look back up to see you fully turning your body toward my direction, still cruising on your bike. I might have smiled, but mostly I was kind of surprised by such an obvious display of interest.

Maybe you saw me not clean up dog shit out of the tall weeds and were pissed. Maybe you saw that I was wearing a cream colored shirt after Labor Day and were pissed. Maybe you thought the dogs were sexy, because they are some damn fine looking hound mixes.

You know who you are. I want to know who you are. 

“That small, lanky, grossly scruffed boy-man-child”–Philadelphia Posts

Eagles cheerleader – Jennifer Mooney – m4w (Philadelphia )

I really wish I could stop thinking about you. My only hope is that you get bored sometimes and read these. It was the pre-season ravens game. I had nothing to get your attention. And no way to talk to you. My only idea was to write you a note on my iPhone and throw it on the floor as you was going back to the locker room! It was silly. And you may or may not even have noticed me. But I had to try something! I just feel a little better that I wrote this “missed connection” post. Just so I know I tried a little more! Your crazy beautiful… 

Probability: 1
She’s an Eagles cheerleader. That should say everything.

Poetic Nature: 3
Most people throw flowers at women to get their attention. It’s way more romantic than getting beamed in the head by some lover boy’s iPhone.

Creepiness: 4
Again, Eagles cheerleader. Being in love with her is borderline obessesive.


Blonde in Rite Aid – audubon/west norriton – m4w – 45 (lust land)

You in black, smelling so good, I wanted to walk up to you and just sniff your body.BITE YOUR NECK…:)

You blonde/ SEXY AS ALL HELL , 

Probability: 1
Can I get a “hell no?”

Poetic Nature: 2
Your abrupt shift to caps lock and your third grade grasp of composition is not helping your case.

Creepiness: 10
I highly doubt that you want to be “just friends.” I’m not sure what you do with your friends, but I sure as hell don’t fantasize about eating their aortas.


Watched your awkward date – m4w – 24 (Farmacia)

ME: Dark gray polo, with a cute brunette. Sitting by the window.
YOU: Tall, Blondeish hair, great smile.
YOUR DATE: Totally awkward, lanky, cheap.

Sat next to you and your date. My friend kept telling me as we were eating (I wasn’t facing you guys so I missed out) about how awkward your date was. It was hilarious. The debacle at the end when the check came was outrageous. If I were to take you out on a date, not only would I be paying with a SMILE on my face, but we’d also be at a much better place than Farmacia. You are gorgeous. Don’t continue on with that small, lanky, grossly scruffed boy-man-child. I hope to god that was your little brother and not your potential future husband. There would be no other excuse for you to be with such a terrible date other than the fact he’s your little awkward brother or you he won a dinner with you in a charity event for some sort of great cause.

“Sometimes love has to conquer all”–Lazy Sunday Posts

I Looooove Jewish Men – w4m

I love Jewish men but my problem is that they don’t love me.

First, I should point out that I am not a member of the tribe and 
therefore not a suitable wife.

I understand wanting a Jewish wife to pass your culture to future 
generations but sometimes love has to conquer all. I am pragmatic
and recognize that people fall out of love and fall back on their 
promises, but sometimes, you have to say fuck it and take one for 
the, team. Take a chance on that one woman that is willing to dedicate 
her life to her husband, be loyal and not fall back on her promises to you.

Sometimes, you have to go with you heart.

I have dated Jewish men and to be kicked to the side for a Jewish woman
cause mommy wants you to marry a Jewish woman is like getting kicked 
in the throat. 

Just saying… 

“What is your next move?”–Philly Posts Preview

Broken Heart – w4m

Maybe some day, I will be the person he is missing.
Maybe some day, his bright blue eyes will be forever locked with mine again.
Maybe some day, will he wrap his strong arms around me finally and allow me to feel what I’ve only ever craved for so long; a loving hug.
Maybe some day, he will look past my flaws and see my heart.
Maybe some day, he will appreciate me for the things I can and am willing to do.
Maybe some day, his lips will only ever want to kiss mine.
Maybe some day, he will find out just how greatly I love him. 

The ball is in your court now. What is your next move?


re:Broken Heart – w4m – m4w (United States)

if you get a boob job we can talk about it… 


Re: Broken Heart – w4m

At least my sense of humour is still intact. I do not need a boob job. 

“You meant unctuous love, young one”–Lazy Sunday Posts

You meant unctuous love, young one – m4w – 24 (here but not there)

The type of love where one gives only what one thinks one can afford to lose. The type that defies definition yet is refined by whim To submit tacitly is to bathe in the waters of veracity. When one complies passively one recapitulates an antecedent virtue. Then all that was is and what is becomes transient and what should be shall reign eternal. 


RE: You meant unctuous love, young one – m4w – 24 (here but not there) – w4m


“You walk slow because you have huge thighs”–Seattle Posts

u-motorcycle/me changing clothes sun am in car! – w4m – 45 (sw ferry/9/11/11)

i was changing into my running clothes for iron girl 5k on sunday, 9-11-11—you “hid your eyes” but not really! hahahahhaha…it was so funny! i was so tired from the nite before i wasn’t even thinking! and OMG you were the cutest thing i’ve ever seen on your motorcycle! this is a total stab in the dark, but if it’s you…please come say hi! i thought i saw a wedding ring…ugh…

Probability: 5
Either he couldn’t stop staring because you are one hot runner or because he was so horrified that he couldn’t look away. There’s also that wedding ring…

Poetic Nature: 1
Lady, you are 45 years old. Stop typing like a preteen, it’s unseemly.

Creepiness: 3
She wasn’t trying to overtly trying to expose herself. Or was she?… haha no, it was definitely accidental.


Why why why – w4m

I know it’s silly but I can’t be attracted to someone who misspells everything and abuses apostrophes. What’s the deal with that? Didn’t you pass 3rd grade? I mean I want to like you, you seem great, but I can’t take your texts/emails seriously when it feels as if I’m communicating with a 9 year old. I would never let one of my employees get away with that level of sloppiness. I’m embarrassed for you.
How do I tell you without hurting you?

Probability: 3
They do say opposites attract. Then again, they don’t say anything about opposites staying together. Better let him down gently.

Poetic Nature: 7
You deserve a Wordsworth for a mate, not a high school dropout. I would love to see the sort of messages he sends to your inbox, though.

Creepiness: 1
Not only can you spell, you’re also not a crazy stalker/sex fiend/homicidal maniac. Good job.


Pear-shaped women /I saw you Monday night at 11:40pm – m4w (3rd Avenue and James)

I see you some Monday nights at about 11:40pm

I saw you again, tonight, Monday, 9/12/11
You were wearing a white shirt and dark pants.

I honked my horn and waved to you. You waved back. If you remember
this-you will know who I am.

You walk slowly because you have huge thighs. You waddle. It’s very cute.
You have a great big bubble butt.
Your hair is dark and you wear it short.
You wear eyeglasses.
Also, the one thing that makes you really cute, is your freakishly
big, bent nose. I love your nose!!

A couple of years ago, I saw you on the 174. You got on in
Federal Way. I gave you my contact information and you never
called me. Disappointed. At that time, you said that you were working
or had worked as a sucurity guard.

I want to be your boyfriend!!!!